Match Play

SHGA Match Play

 Welcome to the Shamrock Hills Golf Association Match Play event. The cost of joining the event is $30 which will be used for the prize fund. We have only one bracket where winners advance (managed in GolfGenius).  Payout will be 33% of the playing field.  Golfers under 65 years of age before May will play from the white tees and those over 65 can choose to play from the Gold tees or the White tees. If 65 and older you will need to declare which tees you will be using. The entry fee is collected upon registration for this event.  To register for the event go to the "Golf Assoc. Home Page" and follow the link.

You must have already joined the Shamrock Hills Golf Association which will give you an active GHIN account and handicap.  You may also pay for your membership at the Shamrock snackbar.